Jeff Koons on D.Yeros
by Jeff Koons

As an artist I have been the subject of many photographers. I greatly enjoyed meeting with Dimitris and looking at his work. I am proud of the photographs he took of me and regard his work with admiration. His photographs in the series “For a Definition of the Nude” with their interchange of senses between the naked animal and the naked human help us delve into the dual aspect of the naked as nature and as society while constituting another definition of art photography.


On the book Theory of The Nude
by Quentin Crisp

Apart from a few restaurateurs in England and America, Mr Yeros is the only Greek gentleman that I have ever known, but I’ve always been dimly aware that, as a nation, the Greeks have been consumed by a passion for the human body – so much so that, during its heyday, Athens must have looked like an outfitter’s window during a weekday strike. This book at first appears to confirm this ancient belief but, as one turns the pages and the postures of the models become more and more bizarre, one realises the whole idea is being deliciously satirised – a thoroughly entertaining book.